Amp up your skincare routine with hydration

I have often met people who suffer from a dehydrated skin without knowing it, they are sure of their skin type but not sure what could be causing their other problems, for example a person with an oily skin that looks shiny but has a tight creased appearance as well; is a dehydrated skin.

Dehydration is not a skin type, but a condition. This condition usually affects allergy prone skins, drinkers, smokers, people who do not drink enough water and the use of steroid creams. This skin condition looks flaky, thin, dull, has congestion (slight bumps beneath the skin), tired, and like the surface of dry ground with slight cracks. You can tell that it needs water even when it looks shiny. When a dehydrated skin condition is not treated, other skin conditions may ensue such as pigmentation  and premature aging.

To treat this skin condition you can do the following;

- Find out if the products you’re using for your skin are the cause of your dehydration.

- Drink enough water.

- Avoid spending too much time in the bath or shower, as this can cause dehydration.

- Exercise, this improves blood circulation improving cell turnover combating dehydration.

- Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells, allowing for better penetration of your products.Follow with a masque after exfoliating your skin.

Try all these tips to improve the hydration levels in your skin, which will grant you a smoother radiant skin.