An online destination for products made by us, for us; beauty on TApp...

An image of models from the "Natural in Sisterhood" 2019 campaign shoot with Beauty on TApp

Beauty on TApp was launched in September 2015 by Mathebe Molise , who works as a corporate by day and beauty tech retailer by night. The app was created as solution for men and women alike, who often struggle to find beauty services near them. This was inspired when Mathebe and her friend who was getting married then, were struggling to find a makeup artist in Cape Town. Being unfamiliar with beauticians in Cape Town, Mathebe thought of how convenient it would be to have a tool that one could use where they select a beauty service that they required, wherever they were... This was the beginning to what would not only be an app offering beauty services, but an online store retailing the products that cater to; hair, skin, lifestyle and wellness needs.

An image shot by Beauty on TApp, featuring products you can purchase from their online store

Which is why, I am so excited to tell you all that I will be collaborating with Beauty on TApp for the next couple of months, using all of the products retailed on their store. Sharing moments, and lessons on hair, skincare and wellness.

I have been using products from their store for about a month now, and I can honestly say that I feel like I have been living under a rock... I have heard about the products, used some of them, however I never used their 'Hero' products from their online store. Yes, I have been missing out, on "THEE PLUG"! Have you seen my hair? It tells a beautiful story; one of flourishing and glory.

To keep up with me, and to get this experience yourself, you can use my code 'Pabik' to get 10% off, of all their hair care products. Use them religiously; and tag myself @pabikgadima & @beautyontapp (Instagram) sharing your moments and experiences with the products. See you on the flip side! Here's to healthy and flourishing hair.