Do you: Lessons from my IGTV Live with Smangele Sibisi

On the 23 August 2020, I had Smangele Sibisi join me on my Instagram Live, it was refreshing and different.

This is a brief biography of who she is, "Smangele Sibisi, founder and creator of Indalo Nubian Naturals: a natural hair salon that boasts in the grooming and maintaining of authentic, ethnic, African hair. Born and bred in Kagiso, Krugersdorp, Smangele’s passion in hair started at the tender age of 9, thereafter making the daring decision to turn that passion into a career. Defined as a zealous and driven business woman, Smangele has been known to have an unconventional method and approach to the maintenance of natural hair. Accompanied with an extensive experience of a hands-on workforce, her dedication to working for other salons in her early years developed the passion and knowledge we have now come to appreciate and is on demand. Smangele’s love for maintaining natural hair is seen in client satisfaction and endless recommendations amongst naturals, for when one thinks tough labour, hard to love, limiting, unprofessional and time consuming, she thinks innovative, eccentric and understated. In 2016, Smangele’s passion for hair propelled her to open her hair salon in Johannesburg, which thereafter branched to Pretoria in 2018. She is admired for her ambition as a young black woman, with a philanthropic heart that gives back. Smangele started her NGO focusing on the transcendence of young girls in needing a magical touch with the sponsoring of hair, make up and transportation for their matric dances."

The lessons I took from our IG Live conversation

The live with got me reflecting once again on the importance of doing things from a place of love; and owning your lane.

When you do whatever you do from a place of love it shows, and it overflows. When you are owning your race and lane, you become immersed with giving yourself love with what you do, and with leaving the world better than you found it.

The second thing that Smangele touched on was; owning what you are gifted in, and finding your niche. The market is not saturated, there is enough room for everyone, however you need to find your place. I would like to emphasis "YOUR PLACE" no one can take your place or do you, like you do you. You need to OWN your voice, and take up space! We need you to, because only you can do you Honey!

So, the challenge that we are given this week is, to lean back into our God given gifts/dreams- become an expert in your field, in YOUR LANE. Life is too harsh for you to be living it from a place of inauthenticity. It's such a waste of your life trying to do what everyone else is doing, when what the world is yearning for is, YOU!

You know what you're good at, do that, ROCK THAT! Own that, and share the love.

Have a wonderful week , may you get closer to your dreams, may you get the courage to unlock who you are and please pump up the volume because, YOUR VOICE matters and your gifts are ready to be received.