Failure is Not Final

Hi again, my name is Pabi Kgadima and I am a Somatologist, for my new followers; I studied at Tshwane University of Technology. This is a part of anthropology that focuses on bringing the body into harmony, by using complimentary therapy techniques, and soma techniques (facials, aesthetics, body, massages, pedicures etc...)⁠

I fell in love with skin, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, chemistry and aromatherapy in varsity. These were my passions, however in my first year I did more partying than studying, so I had to repeat my anatomy & physiology BY JUST 1% guys 😫... EEEEK😖 I know, but I am not ashamed to say that, yes it delayed me by a year, but it also gave me time to fall in love with the biological side of the degree and product formulations. ⁠

Failure is not a final destination, for me, it is a part of life and I believe if you have never failed at anything in life; you must be lying or you have definitely never tried anything. We have all failed, in different ways; what sets you apart is how you use that opportunity because failure is that, an OPPORTUNITY.⁠

My experiences in varsity life, studies, shaped me into who I am. I guess it may be the reason why I always want to approach my content in a fun and educational way.⁠

May you take this from my post; failure does not define you, if anything it is a spring board, a prelude to your next chapter and how you take it and learn from it, will define the next part of your life.⁠