Hair oils benefits for you

Let’s talk about hair oils, their benefits and recommendations for your different hair needs.

Natural oils produced by our scalp (sebum) are designed by your body to help lock in moisture, protect your hair follicles and maintain the health of your scalp. “Similar to skin, we need oil to have healthy strong hair,” according to Jasmine Merinsky

Benefits of hair oils for natural hair

  • Can enhance growth

  • Eliminate itchy scalp

  • Seal in moisture

  • Helps purify the scalp to help with dandruff

  • Keep the scalp free of nasty bacterial and fungal problems.

How to use a scalp oil? Use a gentle sulphate free shampoo to cleanse your scalp, then oil just as and when you need to. Follow the LOC or LCO method based on your hair porosity, as shared in yesterday’s post.

Some oils to try out for your hair

"Tea Tree Oil Helps purify the scalp to help with dandruff. Keep the scalp free of nasty bacterial and fungal problems. Along with moisturizing and balancing your hair’s natural oil it also helps unblock the clogged up follicles of your hair.

Coconut Oil This oil does not sit on top of your hair follicles, it actually penetrates deep within the cortex to help seal in moisture.

Olive Oil Really good for hot oil treatments and can successfully be mixed with rinse-out conditioners. Also a great base to mix with other oils like Castor to thin it out.

Jojoba Oil The closest to our scalp’s natural oils and can be used right out of the bottle. It’s also wonderful in mixtures with moisturizers and conditioners.

Avocada Oil A very good oil for dry hair due to it’s moisturizing properties.

Peppermint Oil The one oil that helps with stimulation of blood flowing to the roots of hair which sets up proper conditions for the hair to receive nourishment for growth.

Rosemary Oil If you have dry hair this oil is beneficial in getting rid of of this problem along with helping alleviate itchy scalp and dandruff. (NEVER use while pregnant as it’s DANGEROUS to unborn children)

Basil Oil Stimulates blood circulation encouraging hair growth. Can be found in conditioners or shampoos that are formulated to help promote a healthy scalp.

Lavender Oil Treats alopecia areata and hair loss from studies done by the University of Maryland. Combined with other essential oils, it makes a natural hair re-growth scalp treatment. Massaging it into your head stimulates the scalp along with the energizing properties of essential oils. In individuals with skin allergies or extremely sensitive skin, lavender oil may cause skin irritation. It may be poisonous if taken orally."

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