How I am keeping my glow going through winter...

Corium Naturals Luxe Pure Tamanu Oil RSP: 180ZAR, Miniso Beauty Aloe Vera Moisturizing Essence RSP: 79ZAR

Hey there! It's winter and as promised I am sharing the two key products that are helping me to maintain a healthy skin barrier. First things, first, what is a healthy skin barrier?

Skin Barrier: This is the outermost layer of your skin, which has a bricks and mortar( brick wall look) look when you view it from cross section. The 'bricks' would be your non-living skin cells ready to shed, and the cement/water are your 'lipids'. The function of your skin barrier is to retain moisture.

Now that we are done with the explanation we can get right in to it, please bear with me it will all make sense in the end, guys and girls!

To maintain a healthy skin barrier you need a balance of both your 'oils' and 'water' in your skin, this is responsible for the texture, smoothness of your skin, level of scarring and healing rate of your skin. To maintain this, ya ya ya I know some of you are going to say genetics, but they only play a fraction of the part- you still need to do your part in maintaining your skin's health. This is by understanding your skin type, looking at your lifestyle and genetics. These go a long way in how your skin looks and feels.

I posted a video on all my social media platforms - focusing on these two products and below are the benefits that I have been experiencing in the last 14 days;

1. Miniso Beauty Aloe Vera Moisturising Essence RSP: 79ZAR

This is an Aloe Moisturising Essence, an essence acts as a serum which gives you the added benefits for a healthy skin. What I love about this Essence is that it is lightweight yet deeply moisturising, which helps with improving the texture of your skin and maintaining moisture barrier. I have found my skin to produce less oil now, because I have been adding more moisture with this product. When your skin lacks 'water' it becomes dehydrated and your body's natural response will be to produce more oil. I use it after my toner day and night.

2. Corium Naturals Pure Tamanu Oil RSP: 180ZAR

I have been using Corium Naturals Skincare products for a while, they are amongst my skincare staple products. I added this Luxe Oil into my winter skincare routine, because I have an oily skin and Tamanu is known for it's combative benefits against eczema, because I have eczema prone skin, believe it or not this is the best addition to my skin oils family! My favourite benefits which I have been seeing with this Luxe Oil are the healing properties, improving of scars and soothing of irritations caused by the harsh cold air in the mornings. I use this oil at night, after my essence and moisturiser to experience the full benefits.

What are you using to insure that your skin is protected through this winter season? Comment below, and also add these two babies to your skincare routine, if they will add benefits to your skin's health. Remember you can only reap the joys if these go with your skin type.