Mental Health Hygiene...

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did you clean your mind this morning?

Let’s talk about mental hygiene; something I learnt when I was in a mental health institution...

“When you think of the word ‘hygiene’, brushing your teeth and maintaining your appearance may come to mind. That’s physical hygiene. Mental hygiene, on the other hand, is the process of maintaining your psychological health and well-being. In fact, scientists frequently argue that, due to the mind/body connection, good mental health is a necessary component of excellent physical health. So, if you’re hoping for overall health and well-being, you need to incorporate a few strategies that improve your mental hygiene.” - Wiki How

How can you begin to practice mental hygiene?

  • Challenge negative thought patterns. The way you perceive the situations that happen in your life can greatly determine your mood and outlook.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison diminishes the unique talents and gifts of yourself or others in an attempt to size up achievements or personal traits. The thing is, it is a lose-lose no matter how you look at it.

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. One of the greatest protective factors against negative life events is your ability to swap self-pity for thankfulness.

Positive aspects exist in most life ordeals if you only just look for them. Research shows that gratitude combats toxic emotions, increases empathy, promotes better sleep, enables the development of positive relationships, and boosts physical health. In the words of my dear friend Vuyi Zondi, "Gratitude is the highest form of manifestation."

Now, go on and take some time to clear up your mind and spiritual space. Have a great week.