Pace yourself, life is not a race...

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Good day it's the 1st of July 2019, and this puts us into the second half of the year. Now, this post is not meant to make you anxious or feel like you have to rush through your goals/plans/resolutions... It is actually meant to help you pause, and reflect on how YOU would like to end off this year. My intention of writing this is to inspire you to go through the rest of this year, according to the priorities that will serve YOU in the future. I am going to type the word 'YOU' in all caps not because I am shouting at you, but to emphasis that the way YOU choose to live out the rest of the year should be to serve you, and it should not be based on anyone's aspirations or standards.

Brace yourself because social media is going to be abuzz with posts like "What have you done thus far?" or "You only have six months left." "Are you happy with how far you have gone this year, and what you have done?" My personal favourite is, "How are your resolutions going?" Look, I know that sometimes such statements come from a good place, but it is important to remember that everyone runs their life's race at their own pace, secondly life is not linear. This generation tends to put itself under immense pressure, because we live in the digital age where we consciously and unconsciously consume content, that may be detrimental to our mental and spiritual health. Life is not a race, it is a marathon, and you need to pace yourself according to YOUR strengths, YOUR weaknesses and YOUR values. There is no need to feel like you have not done much, according to the person next to you, what is important is for you to be truthful with yourself, and to set your own standards that will help you be your best self.

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How do you achieve this, you need to get into a space where you look at what your priorities are. These can be people/things, your priorities have more to do with your personal identity than you think. By re-looking at your priorities you are able to set goals that align with who you are. Focus on a holistic approach, and remember not to put yourself under pressure. Get inspired, not pressured, and do not internalise any form or sense of shame about who you are, and where you are currently. Pray, meditate get direction from God and realign yourself to your priorities.

I pray that YOU may look at the rest of this year in a clearer light, and that you may be blessed in your valley and mountain top moments. That YOU learn to see life from a perspective that allows you to reach a higher sense of YOUR spiritual self. Silence the noise, focus and pace yourself as you make YOUR priorities YOUR goals.