What exactly is dehydration...

So many things that can cause dehydrated skin. Our skin gets stripped of moisture by air conditioning, the weather, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, too-hot showers, using stripping skin care products and not following a good skin care routine.⁠

All skin types can become dehydrated - yes, even oily skin - because it's caused by a lack of water within the skin. Remember that this is a skin condition and not a skin type. So, if the air around is dry or windy, moisture evaporates from your skin.⁠

According to the Simple Skincare website;⁠

Signs of Dehydrated skin⁠

💦What dehydrated skin feels like:⁠





💦What dehydrated skin looks like:⁠





📌Now that you think your skin might be dehydrated, what tips can you perform to treat this?⁠

Exfoliate 2-3 times a week⁠

Add a Glycerine or Hyaluronic serum into your routine⁠

Use a heavier water based moisturiser ⁠

Drink more water⁠

Avoid piping hot showers⁠

Use a gentle cleanser⁠

Please comment below with your skin type, and if you might have dehydrated skin condition?⁠